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so you go about life

kind of frustrated because you’re not really meeting the people that you want to meet;
you work on yourself, you try harder to be more social, to be more noticeable, and you sometimes get somewhere, yet still not where you want to be
and then you meet someone who is seemingly extremely awesome and more; a lot in common
maybe diff in some ways
but wholly into you
and he encourages you to be more of yourself
and so you do
yet eventually he seems possibly to be put off by it
you try to talk about it
but he doesn’t seem to really want to
except he continues to encourage you to be more of you
so what do you do?
is it odd to feel frustrated?
is it odd to be confused and want to talk about it more?

eventually you move on in life
and you realize
it was in your influence, yet out of your control
way out of your control
but you choose to make it not matter
even if you still care
and still know, especially with everything that you choose to see around you, something healthier easily could have happened
yet you must find the beauty to worry and thrive about you, and primarily you
and continue to move on